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Harlem, NY

Client Overview

Riverton Sqaure is a 1,230 unit property in East Harlem located between 135th and 138th Streets from Fifth Avenue to the Harlem River. There are seven, 13-story buildings on a 12-acre gated parcel.


Compass Rock Real Estate purchased the property from a previous owner and needed a consistent and fresh brand for the property. Originally known as Riverton Houses when built by Met Life in 1944, the property was undergoing renovations and many apartments were being converted to market rate.


La Luna created a new brand identity using a vibrant flower logo, symbolizing the natural bucolic landscape and gardens surrounding the property and bright color contrasting. The new logo was created along with a thoughtful signage package to take advantage of the street traffic and the expanse of the property. Collateral materials and an advertising campaign were created to promote the property’s new position as a premier, no-fee rental property in the neighborhood.


The market was now familiar with the property as a luxury offering with new ownership and management committed to the success of the community.

Services Provided

  • Rebrand
  • Identity design
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Photography
  • Signage: Metal placards, banners + wood signs
  • Floorplan illustrations
  • Brochure shell

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